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Testicular Cancer | FAQ [Video]

Testicular Cancer Frequently Asked Questions FAQs [Vidoe] - National Testicular Cancer Awareness Society

Dr. Phil Pierorazio from the Brady Urological Institute discusses details about testicular cancer types, risk factors and treatment options available at Johns Hopkins. To learn more, please visit:


  • 0:02 How does testicular cancer develop?
  • 0:15 What are common symptoms of testicular cancer?
  • 0:48 What does the evaluation for testicular cancer involved?
  • 1:15 Are there certain risk factors for this type of cancer?
  • 1:57 What treatment options are available for testicular cancer?
  • 2:29 What are the types of testicular cancer and how are they treated?
  • 3:22 Are there major side effects after an orchiectomy?
  • 3:51 Why should a patient come to Johns Hopkins for treatment of testicular cancer?

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