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Regular Self-Examination is Key to Early Detection - National Testicular Cancer Awareness Society

Regular Self-Examination is Key to Early Detection

A rugby team in the United Kingdom volunteered for a public service announcement to spread the word about testicular cancern and educate you on how to self-examin or examin your partner.

Hold the giggles this is important.  Just in the United States alone 1 male every hour is diagnosed resulting in 8760 diagnoises a year.  And one male in just the United State dies every day from testicular cancer.

Testicular Cancer Frequently Asked Questions FAQs [Vidoe] - National Testicular Cancer Awareness Society

Testicular Cancer | FAQ [Video]

Dr. Phil Pierorazio from the Brady Urological Institute discusses details about testicular cancer types, risk factors and treatment options available at Johns Hopkins. To learn more, please visit:


  • 0:02 How does testicular cancer develop?
  • 0:15 What are common symptoms of testicular cancer?
  • 0:48 What does the evaluation for testicular cancer involved?
  • 1:15 Are there certain risk factors for this type of cancer?
  • 1:57 What treatment options are available for testicular cancer?
  • 2:29 What are the types of testicular cancer and how are they treated?
  • 3:22 Are there major side effects after an orchiectomy?
  • 3:51 Why should a patient come to Johns Hopkins for treatment of testicular cancer?