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I’m Hunter’s Mom

I am the grieving Mom of Hunter Lee McGhee. I lost my beautiful son at the age of 19 to Testicular Cancer. There is no greater pain and no greater loss than losing a child. There was no reason for him to die rather than lack of knowledge and information. Nobody ever told us that Testicular Cancer is the leading cancer in males ages 15-44. Our Primary Care Physician never peeped a word about Testicular Cancer. The truth is that our boys are dying and nobody is talking about it! We need to start the conversation!

Hunter Lee McGee National Testicular Cancer Awareness Society

Testicular Cancer is the new Breast Cancer and we need to start educating our male population on how to self examine their testicles as we do for our females with their breast. Every hour a male is diagnosed. Every day a male loses his battle. It is 95% curable if caught by stage 1. Early detection is your best weapon. 

Please help me turn my deep pain into my life’s purpose.

Help me bring awareness and prevention to testicular cancer. Let’s saturate our communities with knowledge and information. Help Save Our Males In Loving Memory Of All That Have Lost Their Battle To This Aggressive Disease

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Grieving Mom On A Mission

Thank you,
Renee Platiau
Hunter’s Mom